Getting Acquainted with the DR (10 Days In)…

Mosquitos, Mosquitos and More…Mosquitos!

After sleeping for the first 24hrs (recovering from airline nightmare, misrouted luggage, etc.), I woke with a few mosquito bites (not too bad, right??). Well each day they got me 3-4 more times. Before long, I had a cold and then a fever.

These are not big red/brown mosquitos we are used to seeing in the US. They are tiny (but noticeable) and grey. They are small enough to fit through the smallest crack. The windows here all have gaps and little holes, so it would be difficult trying to keep them (and other bugs) out.


I don’t think the mosquitos made me sick. I do think maybe that’s why I stayed sick for so long (immune system busy fighting the bites?). Fever lasted a few days at 101-102. #AllBetterNow

Rain…and Roaches?

So the weather here is pretty consistent (warm/humid/breezy). The windows stay open 24/7. It rains, but only in the middle of the night? I mean…we haven’t been here long, but that’s one thing we have noticed. Beautiful all day…then at 2am…its pouring. *shoulder shrug*

The first time it rained, it startled us. We turned on the light and found a giant ROACH on the wall by the window. So much for a good nights sleep! We were scared and found at least two more that night. They were about 3 inches long, 1 inch thick and had wings.

It has rained several times since then. We haven’t seen anymore. Not sure what that was all about. But #ItWasStressful

Exploring and Getting Around


We walked down the street just to explore. We are on a main ‘boulevard’ (big street). Definitely NOT a touristy area. Can’t really say if the locals were super friendly (or not). Everyone was pretty much just minding their own business. Their were several farmers market type stands. There’s a shopping center with a frozen yogurt place, clothing store, and a bank.

Kind of reminds of what I imagine some parts of Africa might look like, but everyone is speaking Spanish.

Will add pics to later posts. Since we are not in a touristy area, it feels weird just whipping out my camera and snapping pics of locals. Concerned that the locals may find that to be very #UNcool

The Golden Girls

I met a group of ladies (3) who are on an extended visit (3 weeks) from Canada. They remind me of The Golden Girls. All in their 60s. We ride the shuttle together almost every time. They were the first English speaking people we encountered. They were very nice, BUT…

Observation: These ladies do not speak ANY Spanish. I’ve never even heard them greet the shuttle driver in Spanish. Not sure why this was so surprising to me. I guess because they are staying outside of the resorts and own their unit. I mean…I’ve been having to speak so much Spanish, I’m starting to speak English with an accent. LOL

It comes across as borderline disrespectful. When sharing their experiences with me, they were mocking the accent of the locals who try to use English.

My thoughts: Hellooo?? The locals are trying to help/accommodate you by attempting to communicate in your language. You ride this shuttle every day. Seems you would at least figure out how to tell the driver where you need to get off and/or whether he needs to pick you up. Don’t sit back down and complain about how little he understands. #JustMy2Cent 🙂

The Beach

We’ve only been to the one beach that the shuttle takes us to. It’s okay. But since it lines the back of the resorts, its pretty crowded. And there are boats (activities for the tourists) very close to shore. I think that why there’s so much seaweed on the sand (yuck).

But the sand is ‘almost’ white. And the water is so clear, it makes CA beach water look even more like sewage.



The locals that work around the beach are accustomed to tourists from all over and tend to speak a little bit of a few languages. It’s interesting how many times people have assumed that I am a native Spanish speaker (before I open my mouth). I’ve even been greeted out of our group with a high-five and a word of approval?

Topless on the Beach? (sorry, no pics here… :-P)

My son kept telling me he didn’t feel like he belonged there (at the beach). When I asked why, he brought to my attention all the women who were tanning topless. #Yikes! Haha! Not sure if it was the resort we were behind, or if that’s just a common thing here.

My thoughts: Mama Bear might have to leave Baby Bear at home sometimes ’cause Mama Bear kinda likes the idea of being able to tan her boobs. LOL #JustSayin

Final Word #GotMilk??

As I sit here eating a bowl of DRY Raisin Bran with a glass of ice water on the side, I figured I’d tell you about…the MILK.

I couldn’t find the milk on first trip to the market (looked for it so long, that I ended up forgetting). Second trip, I just asked someone. FOUND IT! But it’s not in the refrigerated section as you would expect. It’s on a shelf on the cereal isle…in a box. #Huh??


It tastes like Carnation evaporated milk in a can (the kind you feed to motherless kittens/puppies). This is very unfortunate because me and my son both LOVE MILK! *Will be on a mission to find fresh milk and will post an update later.

Anyways…That’s all for now. If there’s anything specific you’d like for me to post about, please feel free to leave it in the comments. We have no set itinerary, so I am happy to explore things that might interest you.

Until next time…

~ S. Onizuka


2 thoughts on “Getting Acquainted with the DR (10 Days In)…

  1. Great posts!! Just to let ya’ know I’m reading up on your blog. So far from what I’ve read you’ve acclimated well.
    After a while you’ll notice the mosquitos will stop bothering you. The flying roaches and other bugs, no getting used to that.
    Look at the expats websites and blogs for pointers on how to immerse yourself more while you’re there.


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